Lucy Rahim

When it comes to Christmas, I am a slow burner, and do not approve of early celebrations. Prior to December 1st, even the merest snippet of a carol or whiff of a mince pie is liable to send me into a rage. My family are not of the same mind…

The first thing I baked in the new house was a batch of “vintage” chocolate chip cookies. It sounds like something from a 1950s Andy Warhol painting: the glamorous housewife with whisk, immaculate coiffure and frilly apron, queen of her domain. …

A quick culinary confession: I love frozen peas. Apparently Nigel Slater once referred to Nigella Lawson as “the queen of the frozen pea”, and while I don’t profess to be heir to the throne, I do like to think I could be lady-in-waiting.

These tiny green pearls of sweetness have…

Lucy Rahim

Arts producer and writer. As a journalist I have contributed to The Daily Telegraph, Sainsbury's Magazine, Bookishly, Miro Magazine and Official London Theatre.

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